i've been a horrible blogger.

i really just realized i had almost let the whole month go by without a post.

i just left you all hanging with the announcement that i finished my book and that no, i was not going send it to you all in a mass email.

there haven't been any exciting observations.

i haven't posted any of my new finds in the seeds journal.

i haven't even posted kb's photo into the faces and food album. (look at this link for details about the project and how to participate. no rush.)

i've let you down, and i'm almost very sorry for that. but i'm not.

so i'm sorry for not being sorry. hopefully that makes sense.

you see, march was a bad month. and, while i try not to play favorites with my months, i do have this to say to march:


march 2010, you sucked. don't come back.


i'm not going to go into all the details. and since i can't really recreate a montage in writing, here's just a list of the highlights:

there was a tree. some horrible emails and texts. a (scary) mri and mra. a bad goodbye. carpal tunnel. a possible restraining order. a new phone number. a claim (against the tree) filed. but not in that order. a lot of it was traumatic. more of it was depressing. but on the plus side, i'm sure there's a book or two in it somewhere.

there were some nice things in march, too. some things that helped me retain and maintain my sanity. trips to the farmer's market. an epic kung fu movie/chinese food lunch with ec and kb. one of the best st. patrick's days i think i've ever had with ap. a decadent passover seder with my wonderful parents and sisters.

oh, and i had the beer haiku of the day again yesterday. (thanks, captain hops.)

so basically, i'd like to say thank you to all the friends and family who helped me through the past month. i hope to start pulling things together and start writing and living (happily) again soon.


and i'd like an apology from march.

in writing.

preferably a five hundred word essay about what a terrible month it's been.


and that's all, folks. i'll see you on the other side. with a post about identity, no less.