in other news...

so, apologies for the recent silence. i'm not a big snow fan and baltimore got a couple inches recently (please note sarcasm - a couple feet is more accurate) and is looking forward to a couple more (another foot) this afternoon/evening. while all this should be incentive for me to hide inside and blog away, i spent the past few days hiding inside and not doing much of anything. it was like a mini-vacation before my vacation.

as for my vacation, this weekend jl and i are going down to washington d.c. and meeting up with nn for the 2010 washington d.c. wine and food festival. specifically, we're just going to the international tasting pavilion on saturday, but considering the snow and all, i think that's more than enough planning. from there jl and i will be off on a mini writing retreat for a few days. a blog post may occur, but don't count on it. i'm hoping to conquer a section or two of my book.

posting in general might be up this month and the months after. it looks like there's a chance i'll be participating in dine and dish's adopt a blogger #4

as for the next post, i'm offering up a few choices. feel free to contact me or comment below to vote. (just don't use snail mail... i'm fairly certain, along with newspapers, the postal service has regrettably become extinct with the last snowfall...)

your options are:

  • another excerpt from my out of the freezer paper
  • another book/media/food pairing
  • my thoughts on restaurant reviews
  • or notable (food) news