i can't bring myself to get a twitter account... i don't think i'd use one even if i did. something about it just doesn't agree with me - just like fried lard probably wouldn't agree with me. but i've been told by several people that, to be a good blogger, i'm supposed to have one. blech.

here's a different idea: i read a lot of articles, about food, anthropology, gardens, all sorts of nonsense. i'll post quick links and references (yes, references are important) to aritcles and blog posts that catch my attention. it'll be clean and painless. and if i want to actually say something about a topic, i won't have to worry about a word limit.

it's a little different than my daring destinations or epicurean cannon (which are more like stables of links), but i think it might work. i've even posted one to get us started. you can read link to an article from webmd about beer apparently being good for our bones now under the seeds link at the top of the page.

and, since it's all journal style, you can subscribe to it as an rss feed if you like.

good? good.