and then that was the way things were.

and now it's february again.

snow has tackled the ground here, making the world miserable. it's time for soup, it's time for tea, it's time to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that winter isn't forever.

i had a strange experience today that made me realize how out-of-the-norm my food and anthropology driven thoughts might be. while not going into too much detail, the small thought here is this: there is a whole world/community of food writers out there. there is not a large anthropological community. maybe the very nature of studying communities repels the creation of new ones and limits comfortable conversation to academic publications.

since i never seem to know where i'm going or how far flung to one field or another i may end up, it seems increasingly apparent that perhaps this little place might not fit in either community (be it real or imaginary). i don't write recipes. i haven't completed the graduate level of schooling (yet... or started it... yet). and i go through a ridiculous amount of literature and media that isn't always genre-specific but often relates and reinforces the underlying concepts i'm slowly working on connecting. half of the time i write intelligently and coherently and the other half of the time i'm lucky my sentences don't spiral on incessantly. i don't like to use capital letters because that might be misconstrued as being too assertive.

i think right now i'd really just like to go make some more tabasco cinnamon sugar cookies. that would make everything a lot better.