king of the road, part seven

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Drivers farther out shouted things like: “Speak up!” and “We can’t hear you!” and “What the fuck is going on here?”

You winced, mostly because Jasper was doing all the things you had told him not to do, and you were in charge of all the P.R. stuff. Not that that really meant anything. You had, after all, told him not to wear the cape. That a good tie and matching socks could make up for that.

“At least we put the inserts in with the t-shirts,” you said.


words: 89


photo isn't that great, i know. i'm lazy and it's hard to find photos of people yelling from cars. whatever.

one day, if i ever have the time and the money, i'll go out and take photos specifically for this story.

until then, just roll with the randomness.


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