m.f.k.f. monday...

...just a little bit late.


i've been a bit bogged down by deadlines recently, but since i've almost got them under control, i figured it was time to stop ignoring you all and get back to writing.

don't you feel special? you should. because you're all awesome.



this lovely (ok, not really) m.f.k. fisher recipe is called peasant caviar. of it, ms. fisher says:


peasant caviar, somewhat ironically named in my opinion (i have known a few so-styled paysans, but never any who could either afford to or would want to make such a mishmash), can have its own strata of richness, extravagance, and giddiness. i know and use three different recipes for it, depending on both my purse and my patience, and i suppose that whoever makes it has a somewhat different version from any of mine. (fisher 731ish... yeah, i forgot to check the page, will correct later)


 two things i've noticed about ms. fisher's recipes:

  1. they don't always look that nice, but that doesn't matter because:
  2. they taste freaking amazing.

i actually made this a few weeks back but hadn't got the chance to post it until now.

the one thing i do remember is that, while the recipe has you chill the eggplant mixture (that's what it is, by the way), i thought it tasted much nicer hot. i think i ate about half of it straight out of the pot.


anyway, happy end of monday!