king of the road, part six

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photo by the official ctbto photostream


The funeral parlor exploded by the time we climbed up the embankment to the highway. If traffic hadn’t already been at a standstill, the rubbernecking would have been astounding.

The most amazing sight wasn’t the fire blazing in the fields behind the smoldering remains of the porch, though. It was Jasper, standing on the median, wearing his ill-fitting suit, loafers, and heavy cape and carrying a briefcase. He set the briefcase down on the partition and climbed on top. The sound of car windows rolling down was clearly audible.

And then Jasper gave the strangest, most moving speech anyone in a three-car perimeter had ever heard.


words: 106


photos are getting more difficult to find. clearly i need to start looking for photos first and then writing the story around them. many thanks to keb for helping me find and use this one. (anything code related scares me. shhhh... don't tell anyone else, it's kind of embarrassing.) and thank you creative commons people for taking awesome pictures of explosions.

yes, yes it is one of those days.