the pictorial story of the wasabi ginger cupcakes

sometimes i get grumpy.

not sensible grumpy. not grumpy as in effing-hell-that-dumb-driver-just cut-me-off grumpy or expletive!-i-can't-get-everything-done-that-needs-to-get-done grumpy.

i get dumb grumpy. there's no real reason behind dumb grumpy. it's i'm-wasting-my-own-time-being-grumpy grumpy.

well, a few evenings ago, i got grumpy for no reason. (well, i'm sure there were reasons, but there were no sensible reasons for it.) now, if there's one thing i've learned, when i'm dumb grumpy, there's really only one thing i can do to stop being grumpy (besides just going home and becoming a hermit for several months... i know, this past summer was kind of a dumb, grumpy summer...):

i go home. i pour myself a glass of wine. and i bake or cook something ridiculous.

so that's what i did.



cupcakes and icings were made with various combinations of wasabi sauce, wasabi powder, ginger root, crystallized ginger, and vanilla. all cupcakes were garnished with a slice of crystallized ginger.

while all were tasty, the winning cupcake by far was a wasabi sauce cupcake with a crystallized ginger icing.

the end.