m.f.k.f. monday

salmon (or tuna... in this case, tuna) pancake


in progess

and done.

m.f.k.f. says about this one:

 a recipe rather like this is from hawaii, by way of china probably. it is a whole meal, and a good one too, with light beer or white wine to keep it company and perhaps a lime-and-pineapple ice afterward, if it is summer and you feel festive. (fisher 226)


sorry for the less than thrilling photos and lack of content. internet problems suck. don't know how long i'll be dealing with them, so we may be in for a few interesting weeks.

if you can't tell, i'm trying with simpler, less time consuming m.f.k.f. recipes to start. i'll work my way up when i'm ready. and my internet is nicer to me.

more things to share, but i'm afraid if i don't save and publish out, my internet will cut out and leave everything i've done in the dust.

see you on the other side... maybe.