faces and food...

having mentioned it quietly at the end of yesterday's post, i'd like to announce (a bit more formally) the commencement "faces and food" visual anthropology project.

"faces and food" is a visual anthropology project designed to look at the faces of the people around us (anywhere around us, i have no mileage limit) and the foods we love.

to participate:

  • pick your favorite or one of your favorite foods
  • next time you find yourself about to dine on that chosen comestible, snap a photo (or get someone nearby to take it for you) of your lovely face with your favorite food(s)
  • upload your photo and email it to me at semorrow AT gmail DOT com with your full initials (i know, i'm just sm, but this is my site; i'm allowed to omit my middle initial if i want) and the name of the dish or food you've chosen

while i have only a handful rules (well, a hand and a half) so far, here are the ones that have been already predetermined:

  • please label your email with your photo as "food and faces." i hate spam and have an ongoing life mission not to put up with it. if your email isn't labeled with the project title, it'll likely end up in the trash and deleted. sorry, that's just the way things go.
  • as of right now, i ask that you submit only one photo per person. you may take photos with multiple people and foods if you wish and you may invite your friends and family to participate and submit their own photos, but the point of this project is to examine diversity and acknowledge similarities through our faces and our food choices. we're not showcasing jane doe's hundred favorite foods and poses.
  • if at some point you'd like to update or change your food photo, that's fine. please just let me know which photo i am removing in its stead.
  • all photos must be labeled with initials and food description to be posted. if you're really afraid of someone identifying you by your initials, i will consider accepting requests to label photos as anonymous... maybe. food descriptions are a must because there is not enough time in the day to guess what type of pho that is in your bowl.
  • food may be nude (ex: raw veggies sans dressing). you may not. please no lewd food photos. 
  • please no animal photos. my cat, phebe, eats rice cakes and enjoys drinking water out of my cup. however, as amused as i am by her food preferences, this is an anthropological project and anthropology is the study of humankind. not cat-kind. not dog-kind. not chinchilla-kind. maybe in years to come we can branch out, but let's keep things simple for now.
  • as of right now, i don't have any rules about photo sizes - i'm waiting to see how photos from cell phones will do. (i expect there might be a good amount of those.) for now, i'll accept photos in .pdf, .jpeg, .giff, or .raw formats. if there are any additions or deletions from this list, i'll do my best to update the list as soon as possible.
  • please make sure some element of your face is in your photo. this will turn into an incredibly dumb project if i get a whole bunch of photos that showcase the backs of people's heads and food getting in their hair. covering parts of your face (especially if it's because of something you normally wear, like a hijab for your religious beliefs or because you wear sunglasses all the time - like me) are perfectly permissible. but please make sure some element of your face is visible. no ghosts in sheets, please.

my runner-up "food and faces" photo. as you can see in the album, i ended up going with the close-up version. all of that being said, the official food and faces gallery has been created in the anthropological archives. you can click link to it here. thanks to my mother, saam, for being so much more on top of this project than i am and taking her photo a good week or so before i manage to snap mine. (and thanks again to her for taking my photo.)