silly sm...

this is going to be a very "bloggy" post. that is, it's going to be about me and not anything interesting. so, if you don't care, i suggest you stop reading here and check back later. i'll give you a few paragraph spaces to leave so you don't actually read anything you don't care about.







better? everyone else comfortable?

anyway, i was looking at the dry erase board in my office (it has immense artistic fame... because i drew a purple and black reindeer on one corner and because we've been posting obscure holidays all month. did you know today was "have fun at work day?" i did not have fun. i was filing. i would like to get my missing fun reimbursed back to me at a later date) and i realized it was just about the end of the month. this is not news. the end of a month has a strong tendency to come after the beginning and middle of a month. our calendar year is very cyclical like that.

the reason why this was of any noteworthy importance to me was twofold: one, i had gotten a lot more accomplished this month than i'd expected to while, two, getting a whole hell of a lot less done. things i did really well this past month: filing, finishing work projects, writing on my novel, reading books and movies of blog-worthy mention (i.e. research and possible future sources). things i did not do well this past month: posting about those blog-worthy materials, posting in general, getting laundry from the washer to the dryer in a timely manner and then folding it, or waking up early enough to go to the gym before work. we can ignore the second list because, honestly, there's nothing i can do about it.

from the first list, if you're curious, the filing is almost done. i may regain use of my wrists, shoulders, and back in the near future. in the mean time, they're locked up tight and resemble granite. and hurt like hell. finishing work projects kind of goes along with that, but work projects are never ending. i finished writing the fourth section of my novel recently. (only three more to go...!) i'm tweaking one last little bit of it before i move on to section five. in celebration this accomplishment, january's last post will feature another, hopefully food clip, from my novel, spirit fall. (don't knock the name, it makes sense when you read it.) all the books and movies of mention will gradually start appearing in actual posts, though to give you a hint, titles include the man who ate everything, waiter rant, combination platter, and fast food nation. (all of these titles are already listed in the epicurean cannon, if you'd like to take a closer look at any of them.)i've also started a side project, books on my parent's shelves, because i got really bored one day. hopefully i'll start being better about posting there, too.

so, yeah. that's what's been doing. the big anthropology project is still in the works. photos are welcome whenever, though i've added a rule: tell me what city/state/country the photo was taken in. i'll update the other pages discussing the project soon with this requirement.

oh, and i've decided i dislike winter and cold weather. where is summer when you need it?


missing the normal food/anthropology talk? me, too. let's have a quiet zen moment with a picture of my mum's cat, kira, chilling out in a grocery bag. we can totally anthropomorphize with this...