a democratic tyranny

let's decide where we go from here.

i'd like to be as diplomatic about this as possible while still being a complete and absolute tyrant. this is, after all, my work for your reading pleasure. but two months settled into the cactus garden's new home here on square space and having unpacked most of the boxes (i.e. pages, for those of you who dislike metaphors) and with the looming new year, it's time to start considering what to discuss next.

here is what i have to say as a tyrant:

at most, i might post two more sections from the south africa paper. i may share more excerpts (food or anthropologically related) from my book or other papers. i might not write traditional reviews, but i do intend to start writing about book, movie, and food pairings. i will explain in detail the anthropological food project of the coming year that all are invited to participate in.

now, all of that having been said, i've added a new discussion page to the garden. it's here. and the first thread is here. if you agree to participate in this democratic tyranny, please consider what posts you've liked and what posts you didn't, what you want to read more of and what you would like me to shut up about. besides seeing random links on facebook, getting annoying emails with links, or just simply having the unfortunate luck to know me, why have you made the time to examine my little endeavor to not go insane? any other feedback, likes or dislikes about the site, would be appreciated as well. consider this your vote. and, as this is officially a democratic tyranny, you might not get another, so i'd suggest you take advantage of this possibly rare moment.



after all, if i don't get any input, i could easily just start posting obnoxious pictures of my cat every day. and she sadly doesn't photograph well.