lessons i've learned the hard way while being dragged about a random foreign country

taking a small break from my south africa bites, but staying close to travel observations, nn and i were discussing traveling in groups. considering my strongly adverse feelings toward tour groups and the like (so ironic! my grandfather worked as a tour guide!), i've come up with a short list of "lessons i've learned the hard way while being dragged about a random foreign country" or "longest blog post title yet." if you don't agree with everything, see item number four.

  1. travel with people you like and trust
  2. don't try to conform to someone else's time frame
  3. see what you want to see. don't drag yourself to the stuff you should see
  4. take advice, but take it with a packet of salt (you don't have to eat the salt, just take it and be smart)
  5. and allow yourself enough time that if you end up with a hangover morning, you have time to recover and won't miss anythingthanks stock.xchng photo people... you made a post look not boring again!

of course, there's always more travel tips you can add, such as eat yogurt in the mornings so you'll be less likely to get sick, but that's more general stuff. and things like "don't trust a tour guide who makes obnoxious sounds in the bus's microphone to try to get your attention" should just be common sense. when all else fails, just say "no" to tour groups. save up and go on your own. don't agree with me? try sitting on a bus for eight hours with limited stops. oh wait, that's the greyhound.

did i miss something? add it to the list.