the food list

one of the scary things about food is there’s so much of it. the sheer amount of types and quantities in of food in the world is a little overbearing. in our culture we tend to limit the types of cuisine and the foods we eat to things that are safe – tried and tested foods that don’t wriggle, that are the “right” color, that we know will taste acceptable.

nn and i were chatting about food the other day – we tend to do that – and i mentioned i have a vague sort of list of foods i’d like to try. over the years tastes change and, if we’re lucky, more and more foods become “acceptable.” sometimes those foods even become new favorites. it’s funny to think there was a time that sushi was something to be squeamish about. it’s much more culturally acceptable today than it was when i was growing up.

as i’ve been reading and eating into these anthropological thoughts, my list has grown quite a bit. and i have no doubt it’ll keep growing. this is one of those projects that will always be a work in progress. i have a limited budget and availability to resources right now, but i’m starting to break free of that  and i’m considering slowly conquering as much of the list as possible as an ongoing food project. i’ve never really gotten around to writing it down, but maybe it’s time. so here’s my beginning list of foods to try. some may seem strange, sorry if you keep kosher or are squeamish. i’ve come up with ten to start and there’s a mini list after of things that are just always a “no” for me, no matter what. if you have suggestions or a list of your own, i’d love to hear them.


foods i’d like to try:

rattlesnake (this is on the list for if/when i take a road trip to the four corners)

cobra (i’m not sure about the drinking the cobra’s blood, although it’s supposed to have amazing health benefits/powers)

white and/or black truffles (i think i’ve tried them before, but i really can’t remember the taste too well.)

miracle berries (these sound really amazing. apparently they don’t taste like too much, but after you eat one, for the next hour or so everything sour/acidic – think limes, coffee, etc… – tastes sweet. blame the fda and the sugar industry for these crazy, healthy fruits not being readily available to us.)


chocolate covered grasshoppers (if you’re going to try a bug, i’ll go for these over candied worms)

sun-dried centipedes (apparently a delicacy in northern parts of south africa)


pawpaw fruit

morels (i’d love to go morel hunting, too, but i’m not sure how i’d go about finding someone who would take me.)


foods there’s no way in hell i’d try:




that moldy cheese smelling dish mentioned in the china section of the book “the year of eating dangerously”