this is the recovery post as i try to get back up to speed.

the past few days were post-less as, quite cruelly, i thought, i was first struk down with tendonitis or something tendonitis-like in my right wrist and then later (and still continuing) by some cold/flu nonsense. so now, a chocolate-coated crushed vicodin later (i can’t swallow pills. mock me if you like, but my aversion to them means i only take painkillers in the most direst need. we can compare stomach linings later on in life and see who wins then), my wrist is all braced up and semi-capable of typing. and, as it’s looking like this will be a long  recovery weekend, i hope to catch up on some of the things i wanted to discuss but was unable to earlier this week. also, i’d like to post some more of the food photos from this past summer. sh (or mh, if you prefer), if you ever read this, i’m hoping to be well enough to visit you at the farmer’s market next weekend.

phebe, staking her claim on my lap so i can't use the, with my excuses made and having hopefully earned your forgiveness for disappearing into a temporary abyss, i’m returning to my words. slowly and lazily, certainly, as i’m juggling a cat who seems to think i’m a pillow under the laptop, but returning all the same.