quick site update

i do not have much to say today; things are a bit crazy and hectic right now. i do want to take a brief moment to point out a few developments and points of interest to the cactus garden, though.

first, the link entitled "daring destinations" will lead you to a page of links. exciting, i know. these links all lead you to blogs and websites i regularly read. if you're curious to see where some of my ideas are developing from, every now and then something develops from there.

second, if you've been glancing around, you've probably noticed a journal page titled "past gardens." technically the cactus garden has been in existance for over a year now (who knew? not me...), but because of slow posting (my fault) and changing host sites a few times (not my fault. blame bad website blog designers. okay, my fault.), it doesn't seem honest really to celebrate a year. things will hopefully run more smoothly now the garden has a home i like (thanks eg for introducing me to this site host) and maybe in a year we can celebrate a real first birthday. maybe. going back to the "past gardens" link, i've moved all of the old cactus garden entries there. if you posted a comment when the cactus garden was on blogger or weebly, i'm sorry i wasn't able to transfer those with everything else. but thank you for having taken the time to have commented. writing a blog or anything online is a bit like sitting and staring at a wall while holding a conversation with yourself. having someone reply - even the wall - makes you feel a little less crazy.

finally, the new link just under "daring destinations," the "epicurean canon," is a beginning list of the media i've been reading and reviewing over the past few years. squarespace is nice enough to host an amazon link to the books already listed (most of which i've read, some of which i'm in the process of reading). i hope to start reviewing and citing more materials soon. (i'm playing around with the idea of a general site bibiliography. maybe.) right now the "canon" (and i really am using the the term loosely) is made up entirely of books, though i do have some movies i'll be adding soon. and - oh so exciting - i should be getting the film "john cleese's wine for the confused" from netflix today. i'll let you know how that one turns out, i guess.

as always, if you have any suggestions of blogs to glance at, books to read, movies to watch, etc... i'm more than happy to take them into consideration and possibly look into them. i can't promise anything will come of it, but that's just the way the world works.