Books 721-725


it's a new year.

My resolution:

to get back to my own writing,

and what better way than to not do justice to some book covers?

It's been over a year,

but here we go again.

Happy New Year, folks :) 

beth the boa constrictor.JPG

Eaten alive? More

like badly designed throw rug.

Alas, poor boa.

(Note: This was written by AM the Elder at the ripe age of


I bet AM the Elder loves me for all of the creations of hers and journal covers I share on here.)

alison's notebook.JPG

The plan was fool proof.

Location set and staged.

Now, only to wait...

(Note: Another of AM the Elder's!

Please especially note the elegant swoosh curls of the "m" in "make up,"

debate the lacking hyphen.)

dare you!.JPG

All fun until you

realize the chimney is a

ghost-killer robot.

the doozer disaster.JPG

Of course, Gulliver

could relate to the plight, but

not to shirt choice.

monster mama.JPG

Important life lesson:

Some mothers will still love you

despite silly-string (mess*). 

 *Yes, I know...

one syllable too many. 

Omit, if you wish.