Books 716-720

Hi, all!

Happy Sunday!

Let's all give AM the Elder

a round of applause

(and a round of applesauce,

because almost typos are great)

for taking over our last post

and for kicking me back into gear.

That all said and done, 

let's write some haikus!

mrs. katz and tush.JPG

Trade cat for glasses?

Barter isn't always fair,

but cats are snuggly.

a little princess.JPG

There might not be a

crown, but that skirt could swallow

a throne entirely.



as a chocolate rabbit... 

worse than McGregor.

the frog prince continued.JPG

Eating the French chef's

dinner: cannibalism

at it's most awkward. 

paul revere's ride.JPG

Mister Paul's night ride?

No mention of Ms. Sybil

who rode much farther.