Books 711-715

So. I am not SM.

SM is currently in the middle of an epic manuscript writing quest. Complete with dragons.*

And I'm sure we all wish her luck. Even if she does keep cancelling on us.

So I (AM the Elder) am the substitute SM for today.

Got it? Awesome!

(If not, then just smile and nod and pretend you do.)

No games today. Just my thoughts on the books.

no pigs no possums no pandas( eth and daivd clifford).JPG

Seriously, what kind of children's book bans pigs, possums, and pandas? The no fun book?

Are elephants allowed? Because if elephants aren't allowed, then I don't want to enter this fictional world.

A world without elephants is too sad to contemplate.

Or are they just banning animals that start with "p?"

Which means no pelicans or penguins either.

Words can not express how depressing this book must be.

One wonders why anyone would want to read it.

Moving on...

the red balloon.JPG

File this under "Good ideas until teeth were lost."

Admittedly, it's a small file.

But it's a very important one.

cat and canary.JPG

Maybe the cat and the canary will team up as an equality seeking duo and strike down the tyranny of "no pigs, no possums, and no pandas!"

Although, I see the cat, but not the canary in this picture.

It makes me a little concerned for the health of the canary.

Maybe they aren't the best crime fighting team.

two cool cows.JPG

But the two cool cows are. You know these cats woudn't be down with any segregation.

And they are best buddies with the pig.

No way would they put up with an establishment that keeps her out.

And now for a different kind of book.

the lonely doll.JPG

All joking aside, some really creepy individual broke into an actress' house not too long ago and left only this book. Didn't take anything. Or even move anything. Just left the book.

Which is icky and awful and scary.

And lots of news outlets reported this as if the book was somehow responsible, because it is a slightly creepy looking book. And I get that. We as a society are primed to find these sort of "living doll" stories scary - whether because of a fear of too lifelike automata or because of all those terrible Chucky movies.

But let me tell you.

This story was really (mostly) sweet.

Not my favorite, by a long shot. And I have issues with some of the plot points. But it was written in 1957, so that's not surprising.

It certainly isn't the worst book I've ever read. And it wasn't as traumatizing as, say,

The Velveteen Rabbit.

Stalking is wrong. Children's books (for the most part) are not.

Okay, sorry for getting serious there. We'll return you to your regularly scheduled humor in the next post.

*Because any respectable quest has dragons.