Books 706-710

Hello, all!


To those of you who celebrate 

the United States' Father's Day,

we hope you're having a great day.

(AM the Elder, AM the Younger, and I

are incredibly lucky to have a kick-ass, awesome father.

Just to brag for a quick second.)


To those of you who don't celebrate,

we also hope you're having a great day.


We're equal great-day-wishers like that.


I've been having a rough time with this post's books.

Complete brain-block writer-failure.

So, because she's an incredibly nice person

(who wants me to get back to posting here on a regular basis),

AM the Elder stepped in here to cover this batch,

playing a variant on our movie game.


This week's book game was movie tag lines, 

wherein AM the Elder wrote a tag line for each book,

as if looking at the movie trailer/poster.


Let the games begin!

(Cue Applause.*)



Abandoned as a baby,

one girl fights for equal crane rights.



In a world where parents don't worry about their children's safety, 

Mirette climbs to new heights.



Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith.

The epic quest to find the perfect haircut.



A relationship torn asunder,

incompatibilities realized during the epic redecoration.

Can this marriage be saved?



In the blackness of the night, in the darkness of space,

only the Neptonian Pinstripe Mafia can maintain order.


*I may or may not have written "Cue Applesauce" there originally.

I will never tell.