Books 701-705

Greetings, all.


I'm doing my best to be calm and collected.

A bee somehow just got into my room

and he's been checking out the books on the shelves,

and I think he's trying to get a sneak peak at this post 

before it goes live.


He's a book bee, I guess.


I think we should name him Unknown,

after our most frequent repeat offender.



Unknown has successfully been released outside.

We made him sign a confidentiality contract,

promising not to give any of the future book post titles away early.


Speaking of repeat offenders, though,

you might notice that we have three this week.

It's been awhile since we've had this many in a post.

I think this might be a sign of things to come.


Anyway, it's a lovely day

and I've written some one sentence stories for you

based off of today's covers.


I can't tell you how much 

I'm looking forward to moving away from children's books! 

It's much more fun to write nonsense 

about books you haven't already read!)




It was the crime of the century;

no one even glanced up when the rainbow fish swam out

with all of the jewels plastered to his body.



They wished and they wished, 

but the lake nymph refused to grant their deepest desires —

they would just have to keep imagining that they were

Godzilla and the Yeti destroying a local metropolis.

(Imagination, they decided later, was completely overrated.)



The Alice in Wonderland tea party re-enactment was going well

until an actual mouse was found in the tea-pot, 

and the rest of the gang realized

Albie's new contortionist hobby was getting a little out of control.



It was one thing to say the writing was on the wall;

 it was a completely other thing to say 

the sea dragon was on the wall

as far as omens went, this one was a doozy.



The monster erupted from the bath water

more suddenly than any of the children could imagine,

blinding those closest and barely giving the two guards

time to brandish their impromptu swords.


Sentence stories aside,

Heckedy Peg was AM the Younger's favorite book 

when she was little little little.

She had us all read it to her so many times,

I think we memorized most of it.


In fact even to this day, if someone asks me for advice,

there's a fair chance I'll respond:

"Don't talk to strangers, and don't touch fire."


What can I say?

It's good advice.