Books 696-700

Good Afternoon!

Today's a special day here.

Today we have another hundredth book count-up!



Seriously, though.

700 books.

How insane is that?

And we're no way near done. 

In fact, I haven't even scanned all of the books on the third floor.

There's still about a third waiting for me.

Mull on that for a second.

It's ridiculous, right?


Today, in honor of our count up, 

I've decided to play one of my favorite games,

the movie game,

wherein I come up with 

the genre, the tag line, and the cast

for each cover.

As always,

you're more than welcome to play along

in the comments below. 


Book 696



The Wind In the Willows


(No lie, I accidentally typed

The Wine in the Willows there at first.

Now I really want someone to make

The Wine in the Willows a reality.

Just thought you all might like to know about that there.)


"A fashion crime,

the mystery of their adopted parents,

and a gassy medical diagnoses:

the Willows brothers friendship would be tested like never before."


John C. Reilly, John Cho, and and John Cleese star

in this Indie black comedy.

Critics give rave reviews, 

acknowledging the strength it took for the actors and directors

to avoid bathroom humor in consideration of the touchy subjects and awkward title.


Book 697



Scared Silly


"They traveled in a pack, 

but nothing could prepare them

for what hid inside the hat."


Animaniac's Yakko, Wakko, and Dot reunite for this 

big-budget Sci-fi thriller,

featuring a guest appearance by

Dame Edna

as The Pumpkin. 


Book 698





"Too many pumpkins,

not enough time." 


The culinary thrill ride showcases

Paula Deen and Nigella Lawson

in a creative gastronomic re-imagining of the classic fairytale.


Book 699






There really are two copies of the exact same book

right next to each other on the shelf.)


"There were only a couple hours left before midnight,

but that was more than enough time to hide the body."


Mindy Kaling stars in this delightful rom-com 

about a Saturday night out gone wrong.

Joining her in the cast are:

Betty White as the Fairy Godmother

Hugh Jackman as the Evil Stepfather

Jack McBrayer and Kristen Schall as the Evil Step-Siblings


Aziz Ansari as the Prince


And finally...


Book 700


Rainbow Fish to the Rescue!


"In the darkest lagoon,

she was their only hope!"


This poignant documentary follows the political strife surrounding pisciculture

that has roiled waters and incited ichthyological riots.

Re-enacting critical moments from the greater oceanic history, 

Sally Field stars as the Rainbow Fish and is supported by

Helen Mirren, Retta, Ginnifer Goodwin, Vivica Fox, Lucy Lui, 

Simon Pegg, Jamie Foxx, Lee Pace, Nathan Lane, Don Cheadle, and Martin Freeman,

who all play various background fishes.

Morgan Freeman, of course, narrates.