Books 686-690


want to hear something weird?

Three years ago today I got really bored

and decided it would be a good idea

to start scanning book covers.



That’s not normal.


And yet, somehow BOMPS has persisted.* 



like Madeline,

it’s needed help. 



We played games,

like that time MR and I sat at a bar 

and wrote one sentence stories. 

Then there were all those haikus

and fake movies

and other word games.


 There were times where no one seemed to know what was going on,

kind of like how I have no clue 

what is going on with 

the Happy Hollisters here. 




According to the title, they’re at “Pony Hill Farm.”


Guys, I think the farm is on fire.


Is no one else concerned about how happy those Hollisters seem to be about that?




I digress.


Sometimes over the past years I digressed a lot. 

 In fact, sometimes I just disappeared altogether. 


But, apparently like the black stallion,

I came back. 



Is anyone else having serious culture concerns over this cover?

And those horses do not look like they’re having fun out there in the desert.






This is just a terrible animal post.

My whole train of thought is ruined.

Is no one else noticing this?


Why are these children’s books so mean to animals??

Especially when there’s perfectly good child slave labor

just hanging out there on the shore.



So let’s just move on to Book 690.**


I’m sure I can find something insightful and sweet

to say with whatever Book 690’s cover is, right?










Here’s to another year of judging books by their covers, friends. 




 *Seriously, worst acronym ever.

Why does it make me laugh so much??!!


 ** This book marks the end of a shelf.

And yes, I resisted making a sock joke about this last book there.

I'll admit it.



***Bonus points to those of you who noticed the repeat offenders in this post.