Books 691-695

It's a lazy Sunday here.


I had ice cream for dinner. 


I also just finished reading the first 

Game of Thrones book,

which was kind of weird because I've been watching the show.

Spoilers doesn't even begin to describe it.


I'm also getting over a cold,

which has been a bummer,

and I've been hanging out in Annapolis,

helping my grandmother out while she works out

some heart hiccoughs.


It's been busy, guys,

but I thought I'd take a break here

because there's something 

horribly important I need to tell you.


Book 691 is a lie.



It's not a book,

it's a puzzle. 


 I know, right?

Total brain explosion.

At least, 

I think that's what's going on there

with the cat picture on the box. 


Cats that can make things explode,

that's exactly what the world needs.


But wait,

there's something else.


Book 692 is also a lie.



It's this weird folder thing.

I don't even know.

I mean,

I'm not supposed to know. 

It's top secret. 

There are all these puzzle clues and what-not inside.

I'm guessing it's not really that interesting;

that dragon looks like he's ready to take a nap.

Maybe he regrets letting his agent book this gig. 


So now that the lies are out,

let's get to the truths.



This is a book.

But it's a huge book.

And it didn't all fit into the scanner.

It's also creepy as hell

(well, maybe not that creepy, 

but you know what I mean).

I see a horror movie in the making here.


I'm sorry to say,

things don't get much more exciting from here. 



I mean,

it's a coloring book.


This one is sentimental to 

AM the Elder and me,

but what is there really to say?

Complain that it's already colored in?

That wouldn't be very nice.


And then finally:



Talk about mad claims there. 


Does it live up to the truth?

The world may never know,

because eh.


I don't care.


The Phebe cat is sleeping on my feet

and we're watching the tribute to 

Dick van Dyke 

on the SAG Awards.

I might just go have a second "dinner."


We'll play games next time. 

Or whatever.