Books 656-660


(We're so formal and polite around here.)


Hey, guess what? 

It's Friday.

That's pretty great.


Also, guess what else?

After almost no snow this past winter, it's actually snowed... but not much.

I predict three days before Boston goes back to Spring weather.

Even so, a Friday looking all winter-y is also pretty great.


Also, also guess what else?

It's Friday and I'm writing mid-term essays.


Well, let's just say I need a nonsense break.


Let's write some haikus.



Sure, the art was fine,

but an exhibit open

without wine? Not cool.



(Note: This book is titled:

The Life, History, and Magic of the Cat.

Just thought you'd like to know that.)


Chameleon cat he

was not, and that angered him.

Claws, static, revenge.


This is just an extra page from inside the book for my mum to see:



The umbrella was

really a lamp shade, but no

one dared point it out.



Vicious bunny tames

carrot; vegan magician

fears for life. Ta-da.



Forest fashion week

conflicting motifs battle

for rodent shoppers.


The end.

Now back to the grind.