Books 646-650

Oh, hi.

I'm still alive.

I hope you are, too.

I don't know about you, 

but I could use a break from life and all that nonsense.


Let's play one of our awesome games. 

How about rename-the-book-based-on-the-cover-picture?

We haven't played that one in a while.


As always, 

please feel free to play along in the comments below.


Party Planning for Beginners:

The All-Inclusive Guide 

(Dinosaurs Not Included)



Look! A Fish Shop!


Berets Are Cool



Stay in the Lines,

Or Else.



The Birds and the Bats:

How Not to Explain the Facts of Life to Your Children



(Yes, we have two copies of Stellaluna 

right next to each other on the shelf.)


Landing for Dummies:

A Step by Step Guide to Getting On That Branch