Books 626-630

Good morning!

How's your summer been going?

Mine's been crafty!


Today's game is one sentence story.

And, because I like make games more fun,

today's game also includes MR's responses. 

(Yes, we totally played the game over 

pizza and beer at a bar. 

It was exciting.)


MR didn't quite know what I was getting her into,

but my games can be a little strange like that!

As always, please feel free to play along in the comments below!



MR's sentence story:

Country girls cook with eggs.


SM's sentence story:

"Oops," Sharon said as the egg dropped with a plop on the counter,

"I missed your head."



MR's sentence story:

My glasses make me think about what could be...


SM's sentence story:

The many faces of Malcolm X were not match against

the power of the Photoshop sepia filter.



MR's sentence story:

This is called static electricity

(don't rub balloons on your head as a kid).


SM's sentence story:

The bobble-head doll looked just like the original;

no one would know Miranda had been replaced.



MR's sentence story:

I am writing this letter because

I'm sorry for kicking balls over your fence.


SM's sentence story:

The bowl haircut had been a bit of a shock,

but it was nothing to write home about.



MR's sentence story:

Let's get off the road 

before the lightning catches it on fire!


SM's sentence story:

The road waited patiently —

eventually someone would come ... and then it would strike!



If you didn't read the garden post

(which isn't a bad read, by the way), 

due to lack of time and too many crafts,

Books on My Parents' Shelves is moving to

a Wednesday/Sunday post schedule.

Just F.Y.I.

See you then!