Books 641-645


I'm almost back to my old, rambling self. 

Hopefully a few days vacation

before I move and start school again

will help me recover my brain a bit.


Until then, though, we still have books to get through!

Today's game is the movie game. 

I'll be coming up with the tag line, 

the actors, and the movie genre for each book,

which is a pretty ridiculous amount of work when you think about it. 

Wish me luck!



Dear Ellen Bee


"They were spies. They were spellers. They liked alliteration.

They were the Alliterative Spelling Spies of the West in the War.

And their future would spell the end of the war."


Cate Blanchett and Zoe Saldana star in this new PBS, made for TV, educational classic.

Join them as they spell their way out of the Civil War

and into the hearts of viewers everywhere. 

(Please support your local public television by making a donation today.)



The Whales' Song


"When she heard the whales' song, 

the little girl knew it was too late to do anything but run."


See watery explosions as you've never seen them before in Michael Bay's new thriller, 

starring the ever-impressive Meryl Streep as the little girl

and Shamu, Willy, and Lassie the dog as the whales.



June 29, 1999


It was the year of the balloons, it was year the of the veggies. 

And it was the year of Detective Gardner's doom."


Put together the clues with Detective Gardner 

and he makes his way through the dark and gritty day of June 29, 1999  

in this suspensful Film Noir,

shot entirely on a camera made out of a cereal box, some paper-clips, and twine. 

Starring Leonard Nimoy as Detective Gardner.



Santa's Twin


"High School was tough enough for Santa's twin as it was,

but then Santa decided to give the entire tenth grade class coal for Christmas.

Life was about to get a lot worse for Santa's brother."


James McAvoy stars in this endearing drama about

peer pressure, holidays, and the importance of loving your family members, 

no matter what.



Morning Beach 


"No one knew where it had come,

no one knew where it was going.

All they knew was it was there."


This Sci-Fi thriller —

featuring Queen Latifiah, Demi Moore,

Denzel Washington, Mickey Rooney, and the kid from Super 8 as "the beach goers"

— takes audiences on an exciting romp

from dawn through early afternoon. 

Certain to please all age groups.



And there we go!

How'd I do for only one cup of coffee?