Books 636-640

The name of today's game is

One Sentence Stories.


I know we've been playing a lot of the same games

over and over again recently,

but they're easy to play

and after this Wednesday

I'll have more creative energy to spare!




Weeks of working through recess had paid off —

they had not only identified the killer, 

but also where she sat in the cafeteria at lunch time.



It was a nice gesture,

 but Ruth knew that now matter how much they picketed, 

she just wasn't going to call back any of her exes.




The baby trees were a bit odd at first, 

but Suellen and Melinda were glad there was food on this deserted island

soon grew used to them. 



All the press secretary could say

was that he just wasn't a fan 

of the White House's new gardens.


Today's last book isn't actually a book.

It's a box. 

And since I'm a little braindead, 

I figured I'd leave our last entry up to you. 



So have at it.

What's the story behind this Apple box?