Books 546-550

I need better intros.

Starting to write is difficult.

Cheerful is good.



Nice evening.





I'm out of ideas.


I'm about to upset several of you.



I never liked this book.


Believe me, I tried.

But it was depressing.

And not fantasy-genre enough, if that makes sense.

I didn't even bother to see the movie when it came out,

even though it looked liked a completely different story,

because I just didn't care enough.

If that upsets you,

I'm sorry.

You can leave now.

I understand.


For the rest of you,

this post does get better.



Who else wanted to grow up to be a spy?

Okay, actually,

I wanted to be an air plane pilot.

Or an architect.

Or an actor.

Or something else that started with the letter "a."

Or whatever.


Because honestly,

what this post is really leading up to

is this next book.



You know how much I disliked Bridge to Tera-boringa or however you spell it?

That's how much I loved The Saturdays.

I mean, they had a trapeze chair.

How awesome is that?!

If you haven't read it yet,

which I'm guessing most of you haven't,

go read it.



Because the rest post doesn't really matter.



I mean,

I'm sure these last two books are okay.

But I never read them.



And, I'm not going to lie,

that last one looks pretty dated.

Look at that t-shirt.


You know what's not dated?

The Saturdays.

Mostly because I love it.

So it can never be dated.


Also, it had sequels.

The end.


P.S. I need better exit lines, too.