Books 541-545


How was your week?


Mine was pretty good.

I met a baby goat

and went to Boston to visit my new school

and tried a kangaroo burger.

The burger had a fried egg and beets on it.

It was all very, very interesting.


In fact,

you could say it was all very illuminating.



Or not.

Because that might be mildly punny.

Luckily, though,

the baby goat I met

was not awkwardly growing out of a man's torso.

I feel bad for the horse up there on that cover.


Animals growing out of human torsos

seems to be a thing, though.



I remember reading this book,

but I don't remember the bit

where Fern and Wilbur are Siamese twins who have to go through

possibly life-threatening surgery.

You would think that part of the story

would stick with you after all of these years.

I guess not.


That's okay, though.

I was probably too busy drawing on the walls

to remember any fictional animal/human deformities.



I was going to say something funny here,

but then I looked at that bedspread

and decided I'd better not.

I've probably already ruined enough childhood memories

with my comments about Charlotte's Web.


Even so,

animals seem to be a theme around here today.



I think I've seen my Phebe cat make that face.

It's usually when she wants my dinner

and I won't give it to her,

which is pretty much every day.

Phebe also feels a need to inspect my coffee quite often.

One day she'll actually drink it

and then Hyper Phebe Cat will attack the world.


Now I'm rambling.

This is what happens when I have avocados for lunch.

I ramble.


I also start to play fill in the blank.



I'm sure the pirate queen's gift

was something noble

like wisdom, or courage, or something lame like that.

It's more fun, however,

to imagine something more creative.


The pirate queen's gift was:

Your life.

The ability to drink a gallon of milk in one sitting.

The courage to wear a corset during the day.

Or something like that.


Okay, now it's your turn.

What's your guess?

What do you think the pirate queen gave

the plucky young girl on the cover?

(Yes, plucky.)