Books 596-600


Look at that!

It's time for another

hundredth book count-up!

And, bonus,

we have one last game to try out.


Today's game is the movie game.

For each cover,

I'll come up with the genre, a tag line, and the starring actor(s).

As always,

you are more than welcome

to play along or vote for your favorites.


Book 596



Peace Like A River

"It was one thing to find the inner peace inside of them,

it was another thing to serve it piece by piece to the river that defied them."


Kung-fu at it's most scenic,

starring Steve Buscemi and the horse from Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.


Book 597



Bad Girls


"When the lunch money went missing,

they knew where to look."

Film noir uncovers the seedy, gritty side of middle school,

featuring Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin, 

in their last-ever child roles before they switch over entirely to female action heroes,

along with the voice of Michael Caine as the all-knowing narrator.


Book 598



A Begonia for Miss Applebaum


"Their teacher might die of cancer,

but they would still have each other.

And elevator roulette."


A rousing rom-com

with Tobey Maguire, Amy Adams,

and Dame Judi Dench as Miss Applebaum.

Book 599



The Secret of the Old Clock


"It thought she was just switching to Day Light Savings time..."


The first in a series of slasher flicks,

starring Nicole Kidman, a bottle of red hair die, and Timex.


And, finally...

Book 600



The Bungalow Mystery


"The house look abandoned,

and lighter fluid was on sale."


The third film in the Nancy Drew slasher series,

featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal (replacing Nicole Kidman) and a different bottle of red hair dye.