Books 591-595

We've been having so much fun with games

over the past couple of posts,

I figured we should keep going with them.


I have a few more games in mind

for the next few posts.

Let me know which ones are your favorites

and we can play them some more.


Today's game is all about haikus.



Lightning strikes again.

Electrical shocks and cats

shouldn't ever mix.


Hiding behind a

cat, Clarence had decided,

was bad for his rep.


 The house felt bad but

it had a strict policy:

no yowling at night.




This dog might really

be smarter than your honor

student. For realsies.


Obedience school

literal SAT scores;

still get points for name.


Butch substitutes class:

students learn "sit," "stay," "roll over,"

and prank call Lassie.




Craigslist ad stated

"One large bedroom. Lots of light.

Quail need not apply."


Good day for fishing,

too bad George had risen late;

the worms were all gone.


The house took two years

to build, and the contractors

still forgot the deck.




The pancakes looked like

potatoes, but no one said

a word lest they were.


There is no such thing

as too many pancakes; just

not enough stomach.


They ate out of fear:

no one knew which syrup had

the cyanide dose.


Corduroy itches,

but burlap is always much,

much worse. True story.


Spoiler: Corduroy

needs a button. That's not a

quarter on the couch.


"A little closer,"

the button thought. "And then my

death ray will get him."



Writing haiku posts

takes more dedication than

I had considered.


In other words,

it might be a good handful of posts

before we play this game again.

That's okay, though.

I have a good game lined up for next time.

Be excited.