Books 586-590

New game

(because I'm all about games these days):

One sentence stories based on book covers.


If you feel creative,

you can always write your own!



In retrospect,

when she realized she hadn't washed her hands,

 Joanna regretted super-gluing Margaret's hand to the window —

it was going to be a long afternoon.



Mr. Wasaman tried to reign in the car, but it was too late:

the Distorted-Perspective Baby Gang had found them

and already poor Timothy's head was leaning off-kilter.



Everyone kept smiling,

but it felt forced now that they knew

the dark mop-like figure wasn't actually a dog...

how much had he seen and who would he tell?



Someone had replaced her machete

with a streamer;

revenge would have to be taken —

but only after the next arabesque.


Fido knew the cat was watching,

but he didn't care;

New York had just legalized gay marriages

and there was nothing the feline could say about them now.


Like this game?

I might have one more for us soon!