Books 581-585

Things just got really exciting around here.

I just came up with a new game for us to play.


Instead of judging books by their cover,

I'm going to rename books to match their covers.

I'll include my titles (I have a few for each) under each book.


You can vote on your favorite titles for each book in the comments below.

Or you could play along come up with your own titles.

I would like that.




Book #1

(Well, really it's #581,

but for this post, we're just going to use numbers one through five.)



1. The Blurry Camera Strikes Back.

2. Coats: They're Awesome.

3. Stalking for Dummies.


Book #2



1. I Think There's Something Scary Behind Me But I'm Afraid to Look.

2. The 90s: Stuff We Miss and Stuff We Don't Miss. Like Scrunchies. And Tie-Dye.

3. When Shorts Attack.


Book #3




1. How to Splice Your Own DNA.

2. Puberty: It Really Sucks.

3. Voldemort's (Also Nose-less) Cousin.


Book #4



1. Sing-A-Longs for Cats.

2. Noise Ordinance Laws for the Tri-State Area.

3. 53 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors.


Book #5



1. This IS My Happy Face.

2. Hairstyles for the Follicle-ly Challenged.

3. Ties for Angry Mobs.


Now it's up to you.

Which titles are the best?

Or can you do better?