Books 576-580

I am tired.

And that's about all I have to say.



Maybe you're tired, too.

We could sit and drink mint juleps

and watch the movie version of Matilda,

if you like.

That would be nice.


Or we could drink gin and tonics

and discuss Serious Stuff.



Mr. Potak doesn't seem like the kind of guy

to mess around.

I think he would being doing shots of vodka

while we laze on the porch swing.

He would probably try to talk to us about Serious World Issues

and Stuff

while we try to decide if we're too old

to run through the garden hose.

Hint: you're never too old to run through the garden hose.



I just lost my train of thought.

This next book looks amazing.



I don't know if it's good amazing or bad amazing.

Just amazing.

It looks like it would go well with a grasshopper

(the drink, not the bug).

Maybe I should start describing book titles in flavors.

This book looks minty.

And possibly a little prickly.


Of course,

we all know from the post the other day

that we'd drink brandy with

Danny, the Champion of the World.



And eat pheasant.

And then I'd tell you that,

for some odd reason,

I always associate

Dear Mr. Henshaw

with this book.

No clue why.

Just do.

Maybe they used to sit next to each other on the shelf?


But, at the end of the day,

if you ask me to watch Matilda again,

I'm going to have to say no.



My little sister practically wore our VHS version of that movie out

as a little kid.

I think I still know it by heart.

And, no offense to Mr. Dahl's story or Mr. De Vito,

but some things you can only see or read so many times.


Let's just have another mint julep and call it a night.