Books 571-575

News flash!



Book titles that state obvious ideas apparently sell!

If there are any agents out there reading this,

I'm considering writing a series of books

that will apparently be very saleable.

Possible titles include:

Cats Are Fuzzy,

Spilling Hot Beverages On Yourself Hurts,



There Is A Fly In My Office.


Speaking of ideas I have,

I wish Mr. Schultz was still around,

because I have some ideas for an extended version of this next book.




"Love is leaving enough milk for coffee;"

"love is staying up all night watching Doctor Who marathons;"

"love is watching my cat while I'm away;"

"love is telling me when I got chalkboard paint all over my face;"

"love is yelling at me so I stop having a panic attack;"


"love is not getting grossed out when I cut part of my nail off while cooking."


these suggestions might be based on real experiences.


Someone else I would have liked to have met:

Mr. Dahl.



I would have asked him for a recipe

for cooking pheasant

with brandy and raisins.

And also to make me a hand-carved caravan.

I don't think Mr. Dahl would have liked me.


I liked this next book.

And I always felt bad for the kids.



For the most part, we tended to have pets growing up.

There were a couple of hamsters,

a few parakeets,

and then the cats.

Now I can't imagine living anywhere without my Phebe cat.

Thus, there is an eight hour car drive with an unhappy cat in my future.


But, let's talk about something I feel very passionately about.



I loved this book as a kid.

I Will Not being seeing the movie version that's coming out.

It looks horrendous.


Mr. Carrey, 20th Century Fox, and everyone else associated with this film

should be ashamed of themselves.