Books 566-570

What are you doing this summer?

Books On My Parents' Shelves

has a few suggestions.



Become an au pair.

After all,

they pay for your room and board and

taking care of strangers' children 24/7 isn't really all that difficult.

Plus, you don't even have to be nice.

You can see the sights

and, if a major movie company spots you,

you might get to dance on a few chimneys.


 If you're planning to stay home this summer,

you could always pet sit for your neighbors.



Quality time with pets is good for your health,

unless, of course, that pet is a lion

that thinks it's a dragon.

Then you might want to reread your life insurance policy.


Summer is a good time to work on

self-worth and self-importance.

Work out all of those childhood issues

that have been plaguing you over the years.



Just remember,

no matter how bad things have been,

that's no excuse to stab yourself in the neck with a pencil.

You're worth more than that.

Trust me.

I'm a blog writer.


Whatever you do this summer, though,

I suggest you make it magical.



But it gets hot,

so maybe skip the full-length skirts.

(Though I do like that pattern.)

Also, I imagine it'd be very difficult to play

flashlight tag (in pith helmets) in that dress.


Just remember to be yourself,

unless, of course, being someone else is more fun.



And don't get all torn up when the summer ends.

There will be other summers.