Books 501-505

it looks like we're still in business,
even after that last post.

if we're all
really, really, really quiet
my parents won't notice
what went up last week.
I think my older sister
might have mentioned it to my mum.
And here I thought
we were beyond tattling.

This morning we're starting off
with one of my
younger sister's books.

I don't know if she remembers it,
but she loved this book
when she was little.
And I totally get it.
Levitating, musical foxes
are pretty interesting.

In other news,

why isn't that light bulb broken?
Where is all the shattered glass?
As far as I know,
we haven't invented
liquid light bulbs yet!

I try to resist the urge to be snarky.
Other days it's much more difficult.
Today seems to be the latter.
I know Monty Python
will forgive me.
Because they're awesome like that.

And so,
in response to their book's title,
all I have to say is:

Not any more.

Maybe my dad will forgive me
for last Friday's post!

I believe he was looking for
this Haggadah.

I believe these are dolphins
decorating our last book.

Why they seem to be smoking,
I have no clue.
I thought dolphins were smarter than that.
Mr. Whitman,
or at least Mr. Miller,
should give them a stern talking to.

In other news,
Books On My Parents' Shelves
might need to move to a different
website host soon.
Blogger is becoming almost unbearable.
with a photo-based project like this one,
the problems I'm running into
aren't ones I can ignore.
I'll be doing some research
as to where we might move
and I'll do my best to move
the comments along with the posts.

Worst case scenario,
Books On My Parents' Shelves
might just become a subset
over at the cactus garden
for awhile.

More news on this to follow as it comes.