Books 496-500


So when I started posting
on a regular
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
I clearly didn't think things through.
We are going through books
a lot faster
than we did last year.


In fact,
the last time we had
a hundredth book post
was only back in March.
That wasn't that long ago.

I hope hundredth book posts
aren't losing their excitement.
If they are,
I can just stop posting
for awhile.
Your choice.

Even though we haven't had
as much time
to lead up to this post
(as we have previous hundredth book posts),
this post is still pretty exciting.



(That's 500 in capitals,

We're halfway to
1,000 books.
And we're only on the third bookcase.

Let's start the count-up.

Book 496
Do you know
which two words I often confuse?


Decorate and attack.
They're so similar,
it's easy to see how
Ms. Kohler
confused them, too.
All I know is
I would fear for my life
sitting on that sofa.


Book 497

Another classic mistake
people often mistake with me
is describing things as "real."



I then imagine there is a "fake" version.
In this case,
there is another,
sneaky fake bargain version
of this crossword book out there,
roaming the book shelves.
Puzzle lovers,

Book 498
This is sort of oddly fitting.


It's other people's mail
on other people's bookshelves.
Irony is easy to find
on a
one-cup-of-coffee day.
Irony also means delusional,
in my case,
at least.


Book 499
This blog might soon come to an end
after this post.
My mother might hate me.


 [Junior] High school yearbooks are rarely endearing.
Even less endearing are
children who put your 
high school yearbook photo online


At lest there's some small consolation...

Book 500
I have my father's yearbook
and picture,



If we go out now,
we're going out with a bang.