Books 491-495

Here we are!
My secret is out at work,
so there's no need
to keep it a secret online anymore.

Guess what!
Guess what!!!!
probably about half of
the ten of you reading this
already know;
It's still awesome.)

I got into grad school!
I'm going to be moving to Boston
at the end of the summer.
Life is looking pretty good!

If you'd like to know
a bit more about
what I'll be studying and all that
today's Anthroscope post
over in the cactus garden
has more details.

let's look at some books
and clarify some of the
dumb clues I gave you.
That sounds like fun,

Our first sill clue was
the letter 'B.'
that 'B'
stood for 'Boston.'
I know, right?
I'm so creative.

Our first book today
is also about someone
traveling and going on adventures.
That's pretty fitting.

I think I'd like to meet
Ms. Smiley.
She sounds friendly.
That could just be because of
her last name,

Our second silly clue
was 4.5ish.
At the time
I was referring to the number of months
before I leave.
Since that clue,
that number has dropped
to about 3/3.5ish.

Then our third clue was
Dropkick Murphys.
This was totally because
I got the song
"Shipping Up to Boston"
or whatever it's called
stuck in my head.

Children's books!
We're starting to get children's books!

We're going to have a lot of these soon!
Isn't that exciting?
if I remember correctly
this kids' book
was kind of boring.
I never knew humans and trees
could be Siamese twins.
Also also,
what's up with all of the Siamese twins
showing up on book covers recently?

This book marks the end of our current shelf.

Our next pointless clue was
microchips (for cats).
Phebe just got a microchip the other day
in preparation for the big move.
She did really well, too.
They use a needle that kind of looks like a harpoon
to inject the microchip.
I was a little disturbed.
She took the shot like a champ, though.

Our April Fool's Day clue was Stuff.
And Things.
I have a lot of stuff
(and things)
that are going to have to move up with me.
It's a little overwhelming.
Anybody have a truck?
And some time off this summer?

I just saw this book
in a Barnes & Noble

It's funny how some books
hang around
and get reprinted
while others just quietly retire.
I think human on the cover
feels like quietly retiring.
Look at that expression.

The next clue
in my string of
was Jacques Pepin.
Jacques Pepin
and Julia Child
helped found the program I'm going into.
And Jacques Pepin still teaches master classes.
If that's not exciting,
I don't know what is.
I do know.
Hot air balloon rides.
Those are always exciting.)

After the Jacques Pepin clue
we dropped down to one clue a week
and I said I'd stop pestering you all
with dumb clues
on May 4 or May 11.

Also, "ta-da" and exciting:

Mr. Edward Gorey!!!!!

And pop-up books!

Let's have an Edward Gorey party!

Who's in?

Let's do it.

back to the clues.
April 13's clue was
42 and 71.
If I remember correctly,
these were the latitude and longitude lines
Google gave me for Boston.

marble notebooks.

I know some people loved these
but they always irritated me.
I was a spiral notebook girl.
This notebook appears to have
notes about publishing a magazine in it.
I hope the first note is
"don't publish magazines in marble notebooks."
That would be very expensive,
and kind of tacky.

Our last two clues were
7 hours 32 minutes
(Google Maps estimate for how long the drive will be)
perhaps the dumbest clue of all:
of course I won't be going to
the Baltimore Book Festival.
I'll be in Boston.

now that I think about it,
promoting a website
about judging books by their covers
might not go over so well
at that event.
Oh well.

So, there you have it!
All of the dumb clues,
all of the exciting news!