Books 531-535



The scanner is working.

I think.


Let's not jinx it.

Let's just get started looking at some books.


We're moving well into the children's books,

 which is exciting for me.



I love rediscovering childhood classics.

My sisters and I read

a lot of books growing up.

And we read fast.

It was a talent.



It meant that we could reread favorite authors,

like Mr. Edward Eager and Ms. E. Nesbit,

over and over again

and still go on to read new stories.



It's definitely one of the reasons why

there are so many books in the house.

It's also why we paid a good amount of library fines growing up.


On a totally different note,

I was never a big fan fan of Mad Libs.



 They never had enough replay-ability to them.


But going back to our original subject,

I miss having summers where I could sit and read all day.



I'm also still a little bummed that I never got to meet

Mr. James Howe when he was in town.

I suppose there might be a chance for that second one in the future,

but work has kind of killed long reading sessions.


Growing up is never a good idea.

Don't do it.

It kills fun.