Books 526-530

I have no news.


The scanner is still in dubious condition.

It seemed to work a little bit last night,

but I think it might just be faking me out.


In the also not-really-news department

I forgot to mention in the last post

that we'd moved on to a new bookcase.

I hope you'll forgive me for forgetting.

These things happen when you're distraught over a scanner.


Maybe it's just today.

Maybe Friday is messing with me

because I'm not dedicating a post to it

like I did Monday.


After all,

would you have predicted this book would show up

on a Friday?




our books do normally only have

three different days to choose from.

But still.


I think not.

I think conspiracy theory.


In fact,

I think it's a huge plot

carried out by my scanner and my parents' books.



Of course,

there are records of this plot.

Notes about when which book will attack

and how it will strike.

You just have to know where to look for these clues.

Or want to live in a museum.


You never know who will be involved.



Or how silly the story.

Why do we even have this book?


Never mind.

It's not a conspiracy.

It's just a want to stay home and read old childhood favorites day.




And their sequels.



I loved the Borrowers.

And the Littles.

Neither of these should come as a surprise

as I've mentioned before I like miniatures.

Just ask KB which room I dragged her to

when we went to the Baltimore Museum of Art together.


Even more than miniatures,


I like revisiting the books I read when I was younger.

I reread Tad Williams' Otherland books last summer/fall

and I've been meaning to reread

Howl's Moving Castle,

 but I haven't had the time.


When was the last time you stayed home

to reread a favorite book?

And what book was it?