Books 511-515

Good morning!

Today feels like a good day.

It's almost the weekend.

I'm going to hang out with awesome people

at an anthropology happy hour tonight.

It's a good day.


It's a day to emote nonsense

about our nonsense books.


It's like this crazy rain,

which is supposed to hang around for the next few days,

is going to wash the world clean.



like this blank spiral notebook.



Complete with wide rule that nobody

over the age of twelve would really dream of using,

unless of course they had a ten page paper due the next day

and no clue what to say.

Then they would use wide rule

and pretend that they had run out of college rule.


Or maybe the rain will wash the world clean

like this blank marble notebook.



Which nobody in their right minds would want to use

because it doesn't have perforated pages,

and so,

if you try to tear a page out,

the book ends up looking like it's been through a massacre.

That's a different kind of clean.


One thing rain won't ever be able to wash away, though,

is double entendres.



Looking back at our childhoods,

it now makes sense why our parents shook their heads

and looked dubiously at books like these in the book store and said,

"Really? You want this book?

Are you sure you don't want a different one?"

So many things make sense now that our minds are all in the gutter.


Some books get ruined even when they haven't

been left out in the rain.

Childhood can be good for that.



Like this poor, cut apart book.

It seems ASM was pretty desperate

to have these pictures of cats.

At least,

I hope it was pictures of cats she was cutting out.

If not,

she has a remarkable free-hand when it comes to scissors.

She liked all things cats then, though,

so maybe I shouldn't be surprised that she specialized in triangle ears.


I think I'm out of ways

to connect all of today's photos together.

The rain was a great theme.

So was random childhood nonsense.


But then I came to this.



 And this just explains

why I don't pay attention to celebrities.


I have no comment.


Coffee time!