Books 506-510

I guess we all knew this day was coming.


After all,

I could only complain about Blogger for so long.

Eventually it would have to go.


It's kind of sad, actually.

I liked our random brown map design.

It made me think of my old checks,

which had maps on them.

My new checks have

Where the Wild Things Are

pictures on them,

which is pretty cool.

So I guess soothing-blue-microblog-whatever

can be pretty cool, too.


It's an adjustment,

but it's an adjustment I'm sure we can all make.

Remember when we didn't have to

dial the area code to make a phone call?


Loading photos is so much easier here.

On Blogger I'd have to upload them in reverse order

so they would go up in the right order.

(And yes,

I used the word "order"

twice in the same sentence.

What of it?)

 Here I can just pick the photo I want

and it goes where I tell it to go.

No fuss.



It's obedient technology.

Those dolls up there

don't look very obedient, though.

That middle one

kind of looks like

it might attack you while you sleep.

Don't fall asleep during this post.



photos don't take ages to load anymore.

That's nice.

You can't tell reading this,

but I loaded that first photo

and then this second photo

within the same minute.



 How's that for timing?

That wouldn't have happened at the old site.


Mr. dePaola is going to become

a pretty big

repeat offender pretty soon.

Just thought you should know.


Not everyone is going to like the change.

That's okay.

My little sister isn't going to like this next book.



That doesn't mean it's not going to get posted.

It also doesn't mean that cover doesn't weird me out.

It does.

For some reason I thought

Garfield's safe

was on a cruise ship.

No clue why.

It was probably the hat.

This nonsense is just kind of how this blog works.


But you know what?

This is a Baltimore blog.





We do what we want.

Or whatever.

Okay, it's not really a Baltimore blog.

It's just happens to be based out of Baltimore right now.

Also, I didn't want to comment on the fact

that Baltimore magazine

was pretty much telling its readers

they didn't have a life.

That was kind of rude of them.


Really, though,

I think we're going to be okay.

Our host,

in the cactus garden,

is all about growing ideas and projects

and letting them cultivate.


And we have magazines about gardens.



I think it'll be a good fit in the end.


Just look at that soothing blue.