Books 431-435

it's really cold in here.
Is anyone else freezing right now?
I know it's in the 60s-ish (F, not C) today,
but that doesn't mean
it's air conditioning weather.

Now I'm just typing to keep warm.

I'm going to start carrying
my quilt around with me everywhere.
I will be that random person
sitting in coffee shops and Irish pubs
trying not to spill dark beverages
on her duvet cover.

What an image.

Hurry up, summer.
I miss you.

I have no transition from that ramble
to today's first book.
Oh, well.

Not sure if this book is technically
my mum's or my older sister's.
It's been in our house for ages.
I like mythology and history
and I vaguely remember
browsing through this one.
I know!
That's exciting!
It's been a bit since we've had a book
I've actually read.
Thing is,
I don't really remember
what I read in this one.

That's really frustrating.

I do really kind of want to read this next one.

I haven't read the blurb,
but something about the cover
and the tag line
makes me think of
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight,
which I really loved.
I really appreciate
the actual road
on the cover of the book.
It balances the title nicely.

Going back to the subject of
Books I Have Actually Read,
who else trudged their way through
Robert Jordan's
Wheel of Time

and who else gave up
after the series refused to end?
I think I got tired
around book nine or ten.
I keep considering going back
and rereading and trying to catch up.
(Did the series ever actually end??)
But then I find other books and series
that don't require an entire lifetime to read.
It's a tough call.

Oh. My.

Everyone get off the planet,
It's going to eat us!
I have nothing else to say to this book,
or to Mr. Bryson.
Some cover art should not make it past
the conceptional stage.
Mr. Bryson,
you're a repeat offender.
In fact,
you were in our second post.
You should know better.

A little over a year after
her visit,
Ms. Patchett has returned.

She's brought along the exact same book
she brought the first time.
We didn't really say much
about this book back then.
I still don't have much to say.
Ms. Patchett.
Better luck next time?

As for today's clue:
I'm too overwhelmed to come up with a clue.
that's kind of a stupid clue,
but it's difficult coming up with
three different clues a week.
no more.
I'll give you another
clue next Wednesday.
We'll continue on the Wednesday schedule
until the big reveal.
by the way,
I've decided will be
May 4 or May 11.

Not too much longer now.