Books 426-430

by popular demand
(okay, not really):
Books On My Parents' Shelves

Enough of that nonsense.

Things are kicking off
a little sketchy today.

And when I say
I don't mean that in a good way.
Or a cover art style way.
How old are the neighbors' children?
Is this a book for
aspiring pedophiles?
I certainly hope not.
Caricatures scare me.

Moving on...
Should we place bets on this next book?

I'm guessing the left.
But I guess it could be the right one.
Either way,
she hasn't done a very good job
of hiding her eyes.

This book marks the end of the second bookcase.
That took us a good long while,
didn't it?

Bloom County!
You're back!

You're back in double!

What an exciting day!
I miss Opus.
Look how happy he looks up there.
That makes me happy,

Want to know who else I miss?

These two.
And by
"these two,"
I mean the two on the bed.
Though it looks like we found
Ms. Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas'
secret eye(s)
after all.
That's a sneaky trick,
hiding them on an entirely different cover.

Today's hint
for My Exciting, Wonderful Secret is :
Jacques Pépin