Books 476-480

Let's get something straight:
I haven't had coffee in over a week.
This is...
Everything is odd.
I'm pretty odd.
Except when I'm even.

All disclaimers aside,
I'm making no promises for
today's post.

This sounds reasonably pleasant.

It also makes me think of the hotel
near my old high school
that I used to call
"The Claritin,"
partly because the real name
sounded similar
and partly because
it had a lot of flowering,
allergy-inducing trees nearby.
I was that clever.

Want to get a glimpse
of what we'll be looking at
in about two

There will be a lot of books like this:

How do I know?
for the one day or so
that I was able to during
The Week Of The Terrible Illness That Will Still Not End Even Though That Week Is Over—
er, my vacation,
I scanned books.
Lots of them.
And once I finish this
Tem-a-whatever series
TH got me hooked on,
I'll probably go back to scanning.
Because yes,
I'm that exciting.

with all of these dreary serious books ahead of us,
it's nice to retreat to old classic
Books On My Parents' Shelves

Like books about Judaism.

This one appears to be
an instruction manual
about how to incorporate
weight lifting exercises
into your Kabbalah studies.
That's pretty important.
I would totally work out
while studying Kabbalah,
if I studied Kabbalah,
that is.
Because I do things like that.

You know what?
I'm feeling all warm and nostalgic
for our first bookcase.
Remember when
every other book
was an
English to Yiddish dictionary
or an
awkwardly named book about words?
Those were the days.

Let's stick with this genre, though.

I mean,
it's not like we really have a choice.
But goodness!
Look at those socks with those skirts!
I'm sure that's a convincing argument
for some people
to learn modern Hebrew
(though, looking at the cover,
I'm wondering how modern it is after all...)
but I might need some more convincing.
Add someone breathing fire or something.
I went there.

Our last book is really fitting.

It's timely.
Passover just ended.

And guess what?
I'm having matzo ball soup for dinner.
So yes,
I win.

A clue!
We need a clue for my


I will not be attending the Baltimore Book Festival in the fall.

you only need to wait a week now and
I'll stop giving you really dumb clues
tell you what half of you already know.

Maybe I do need coffee.