Books 471-475

It's been a long few days
since we last chatted.
No matter.
We're all here now.
Let's look at some books.


The faces on this cover
don't look very happy.
Perhaps it's because they're
somewhat out of proportion.
That would upset me.
Or it could be because
this book is a mystery
and they've all been accused of murder.
I imagine that would also
be pretty upsetting.
Having never been accused
with such an accusation before,
I couldn't say for certain.
My money in on
the former.

Oh, I like this next cover.

If only this book came with
an empty beach
for the reader
(i.e. me)
to read this book upon.
Then I would read it.
Books would be a lot more expensive,
if they all came with
empty beaches.


Coffee is endangered?
Or maybe chair backs are?
I can't imagine
salt and pepper shakers
making the list.

Now I want coffee.
Damn it.

This next book is called
The White Album
because all of the characters in it
are blind
(you can tell because
all of their eyes are covered
or are looking in the wrong direction
— away from us)
and must rely on their other senses
(i.e. auditory).

this makes the Beatles
quite popular.

This sounds a little redundant.

The Storyteller's Story.
That's like saying
"The Shoemaker's Shoe"
or something.
It lacks a certain amount of pizazz.

If I ever write a memoir,
I'm going to title it
Hijinks Ensue.
That would amuse me,
even if it didn't amuse anyone else.

I suppose I better
start doing something interesting with my life,
in order to merit a memoir.

Damn it again.