Books 456-460

Good evening!
Today's post is a little late in the day.
Partly because I was busy
trying out a new
M.F.K. Fisher recipe for
the cactus garden,
but also in part because
I decided it was more important to
finishing reading a book
than talk about other books.
These things happen.

Books tend to do that to a person.

They also help create easy transitions.

Oh, look!
A book!

I vaguely remember
reading this book
(but not this copy of it)
a long time ago.
It was very Jules Verne-y,
which isn't the best description,
but if you've read
Mr. Verne's books before
you'll know what I mean.

Oh, look!
Another book!

This book,
An Edwardian Holiday,
by Mr. John S. Goodall,
has a very non-descriptive cover.

But the artwork inside is great.

See what I mean?

Oh, look!
Another book!

Also with a boring cover!
And also by Mr. Goodall!

This book is titled
The Midnight Adventure.
If you can't tell from the above picture,
it takes liberties with reality.
I really hope you could
tell that from the above picture.
Otherwise we might need
to have a serious conversation
about not letting cats smoke indoors.
Smoking indoors in
public places is illegal
in Maryland.
Your cats should know better.

Oh, look!
Another book!

Something about this cover
really upsets me.

I think it's the pants.
Or the fact that it kind of looks like
the girl on the right
is punching the boy on the left's
That's very inappropriate.
Especially for sixth grade.

Oh, look!
It's the last book!

Mr. Schultz is back
You're A Big Hit, Charlie Brown!
That one quote,
"Explosively funny!"
sounds a little dangerous,
not to mention worrisome,
to me.
I think I'll leave this one on the shelf,
just to be safe.

Charlie Brown.
Maybe next next time.